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Absolutely everything posted on this blog is mine, I post all of my own artwork and photographs.

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I’m writing and illustrating/printing a sci-fi comic as part of one of my university assessments hehehe

how do you scan your sketchbook? because I tired with mine and I can't do it properly...
- Anonymous

Hmm you might want to check the setting you’re scanning on. Try out different settings until you find what you like

I’m completely booked in to show my work in Perth in November!
Currently I’m working on a piece to send down to an exhibition in Melbourne soon for September so I’m sorry I haven’t been posting very much.
I am also working on a 6-8 page comic for uni and I’m learning printing processes and techniques so hopefully some interesting things will be happening in the future.

Just received your phone case!! It looks so pretty on my phone, thank u 😌 xxxx
- rebellexx

Thats good to hear it arrived! You’re welcome, thank you for purchasin one! xxx

Hi I, love your work!! I'm doing my art major for school at the moment and love the style of your works! I was wondering if you are influenced/inspired by any artists that I could look at to give me some inspiration aswell?? Thankyou so much
- Anonymous

Sure of course! As long as you credit an reference me like you would with any other artist then I’m fine with it :)
I love seeing projects inspired by my work, so if you wanna show me your stuff id love to see it!!

I LOVE YOU. i have seen your artwork before and am so glad to finally find your blog! your work is beautiful!
- damn-these-dreams

Thank you so much!

So a few months back I saw this UWA magazine (my university) asking for submissions for the Peacock Art magazine (issue #1 of 2014). I thought eh I’ll give it a shot and emailed them a few pictures of my work and hoped for the best!
One of my followers messaged me the other day saying my work was in a university art magazine under the name Isabella Roden and I was like well that’s not right ummmm?? I didn’t even know the magazine was out yet! I messaged the Arts Union who run the publication and I was like what the hell and they were like sorry we fucked up we’ll staple your correction on the inside cover. I picked up two copies today and the correction says “Isabelle Smith” … My name is Isabella Smith and they even asked me to give them the name I want as the correction so they could double check arghhhh
Ah well I’m way way too happy seeing my work in ACTUALprint that I don’t even care anymore I’m just happy they actually printed THREE of my works in the publication alongside poems and stories written by other students. It’s pretty neat and I’m so happy. I’ll post photos later or tomorrow! I’m published hahahahaha kind of.. Baby steps! :)))

for my art coursework i'm using you as one of the artists that i'll be focusing on! i admire your work so so much and i would reaally really appreciate it if you could answer some questions for my portfolio: // 1) where are you from?, 2) age?, 3) since you have your own unique approach to art, what inspires you?, 4) out of your artwork, which one would you say is most popular? // thank you!! :)
- Anonymous

Whoa please come off anon and tell me who you are I really wanna see what you write about me that’d be sweet as! I always looove seeing peoples folios where they feature my influence/work! :) 

okay okay

  1.  I’m from Newcastle but I’ve lived in Perth all my life
  2. 19
  3. This is a hard one because I’m not really inspired by anything anymore, I really just work from my own instincts oh that looks cool or that’d be interesting. But I guess I am influenced by my mood and personal aspects about my own life whether I’m happy with how I look or feeling down about myself etc
  4. The most popular is definitely Teary! Not sure why, maybe because she’s the most intriguing looking.

I’m writing out the labels for some parcels that I’m sending soon, my artwork is going to places like Martigues (France), London, San Diego and Eastern Australia hehe so exciting!

would you ever consider selling one of your little sketchbooks??
- Anonymous

Oh gosh I don’t know.. I’d either have to be quite detached from it, or sell it for a lot of money and keep scans and photos of the work inside haha depends on how much I like the book tbh