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how was your photoshoot?!
- Anonymous

Good!! The photos are on bluefawnjournal.tumblr :))

I am absolutely in love with your work! :)
- catarinadior

Thank you! xx

when you are drawing, how do you get the color. like do you use ink or paint or something else? xxx
- Anonymous


Do you always use water colour paper when using water colours or do you sometimes use your normal sketch book paper?
- peculiar-thoughts

Watercolour paper otherwise there’s no point in using watercolours??

what style would you say your drawings are?
- Anonymous

Not sure just illustrative I guess.. I don’t need to name my style it’s not modernism or cubism or anything just leave it haha if anything it’s contemporary but as if that accurately describes anything lately anyway

Do you sell MacBook cases on your website? Are willing to buy if you do.
- g-oldenyouth

I do! I sell laptop skins on

hi! are you adding any more designs to the phone cases you sell? i really want to buy one but i'm just waiting until the new iphone is released so i get to have it for longer! :)))) i love your style
- Anonymous

I don’t even make 5c so I won’t be making the new iphone cases sorry

Do you think starting am art blog is a good way of getting your work out there? And would you advise it to other young artists starting out?
- Anonymous

YES!! Make sure you always sign and date your work, and it helps if you can put a watermark over your work so it doesn’t get stolen xx

I will be starting a new moleskine soon, I finished my usual one.

I’m debating whether to buy a thicker book or even a grid book.. or both. But look out for my moleskine video I will take and publish soon xxx