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I can be professionally contacted at: isabellasmithart@hotmail.com
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Prints: Society6
Phone Cases: Etsy/IsabellaSmithArt

Absolutely everything posted on this blog is mine, I post all of my own artwork and photographs.

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Isabella Smith
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If we want to order a case? What do we do?
- Anonymous

  • Visit http://isabellasmithart.etsy.com and click on a case/image you’d like
  • Use the drop down menu to select your phone case style (iphone 4S, 5S, Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4)
  • Click the add to cart button below
  • Then click on your cart in the top right
  • Select your shipping options and pay via card or paypal :)

The company I print my phone cases with have finally sorted themselves out and I will be making a phone case delivery order today for your orders www.isabellasmithart.etsy.com Xxx

Hi! I'm absolutely in love with your works! Your drawings inspire me a lot! Good luck, you are so creative person!! :)
- kokoan

Thank you so much for the support! xx

What do you use to draw on the phone case ?
- Anonymous

The drawings are printed on soo.. ink

do you make phone covers for iphone 5?
- emu-bitches

Yes :) Just use the drop down menu on the phone case page x

Commission Form (as of April 2014)

I have been doing a bit of commission work lately and I was thinking of offering it to a larger audience. Commissions can take a few weeks to complete providing I’m a busy university student and also working a lot of hours especially late into the night. It may take time to gather materials and to draw up a draft of your ideas, I will usually always send a low quality photograph of the drafts before I start the final piece for you so I can get some last minute pointers/corrections from you. 

Commissions can range from $45+ for a single detailed paper page drawing (eg. two would be $90+)

$10+ for watercolour or other materials to be included. 

Fill this out and email to isabellasmithart@hotmail.com (Please allow up to 7 days for a response)

  • Who/What is the commission for? (eg. Personal, business, blog, tattoo, logo, present for a friend/family, collection)
  • Size? (A5, A4, A3, personal measurements)
  • Would you prefer the high quality digital image emailed to you, or the hard copy mailed to you/picked up?
  • Your ideas for the commission, provide example photos (eg. portrait, objects) as attachments and your personal thoughts on how it should look. I will respond asking for more information if I feel like I need more or have questions!
What course do you do at Uni and which Uni? :)
- Anonymous

I’m studying Communication and Media with a minor in Fine Arts at UWA in Perth

Free shipping and $5 off each item on my society6 store through this link here, happy friday xxx

I just messed up a whole bunch of black cases with white drawings on them so I won’t be selling them anymore- too much hassle and it’s ruined and delayed so many orders so I give up and I’m not selling them anymore. Those who have ordered black cases already I’m trying to fix your orders and let me know if I’ve sent your order already and you’ve had a white case sent to you. I’ll swap it for black (if you still want black) with no charges. I feel terrible and I’m so angry at the company that helps me to print them arggggghhhhh agrh 

I really love your paintings and would love them as like a iphone case? do you think that would be possible for like the future or on your online store, they are just so cool and i wanna carry one everywhere i go HHHAHAH i love them
- Anonymous

Yeah I sell them as iPhone cases on etsy? It’s linked on my blog everywhere haha.. But it’s www.isabellasmithart.etsy.com